Rhodes Grass in Pakistan

We have established
process plant in Pakistan for animal hay to ensure
the moisture control for “A” class feed quality

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Fresh,Green, Soft Grass

Moisture Less Than 12 %
(20 KG TO 500 KG/ Bale)

1500 MT / Month Capability

Over 900 Acres Central
Punjab Cultivated

Over 400 Acres
Mirpur  Khas Cultivated

Packing Weight as Per Dmand
(20 KG TO 500 KG/ BALE)

06 MT To 18 MT Per
40 FT Container


What is Rhodes Grass?

‘Chloris Gayana’ commonly known as Rhodes Grass came from Africa and now growing throughout tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. This Rhodes Grass is known for its magical nutrients that are good for animals and fast re-growing abilities. It can be adopted for pasture and its hay is also better than many other grass types. You can also put the control to erosion with Rhodes Grass.

Rhodes Grass Features

Rhodes Grass as countless benefits which makes it a priority over many other kinds of grass. The growing habits and nutrition facts make it a great choice.

  • The Rhodes Grass is the first choice of successful cattle owners and farmers. It is used for animals, Rhodes grass hay extraction is higher than other grasses, and this creates a margin for higher profits. Rhodes grass provides the animals strong immune against harmful diseases and it also has strong resistance against salt and soluble bases.
  • Rhodes Grass has fast-growing habits and it can grow back again in around 35 days at max, this makes it a priority crop for farmers and livestock usage. It’s fast-growing also demands quick watering right after the germination starts. But overall, Rhodes grass is a tough grass and it can withstand drought and tough weather.
  • Providing a good bed full of required nutrition is very necessary to gain good yields. And on average one hectare of straw produces twenty kilograms of grass; this becomes possible after providing required temperatures to the seedbed where germinations take place. Gaining continuous yields is tough and requires proper attention.
  • The best irrigation systems are used on specially designed grass fields under the supervision of professionals because we are the best Rhodes grass suppliers in Pakistan and this way it produces normally up to 45 tons per hectare of straw. To make the grass grow back again quickly it is necessary to cut the harvest around 12 centimeters above the ground.
  • Fine cut Rhodes Grass is much better against its competitors It yields a healthy amount of fine leaves is used for grazing. Whereas, it also produces more hay against its competitors. It has naturally fluffy seeds that are hard to grow that’s they are coated which makes them easy planting and germination.
  • High resistance to salt and soluble bases.
  • For legitimate treatment and best practices, the harvest ought to be sliced 10 to 12 cm over the ground to enable the yield to develop quickly.

Rhodes Grass in Pakistan – Gallery

Following pics will inspire you from Harvesting of Rhodes Grass to Final Organized Bales. Click On any Picture.

Rhodes grass will utilize cross breed seeds imported from Rhodes grass, an imported manual reaping machine.


Rhodes grass in Pakistan grows on multiple location since because it is an agricultural country. It grows in Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan.

Provides Employment

This crop provides employment chances to run nineteen homes which contributes to stability in the country because of Rhodes grass Pakistan.

Occupation Creation

The proposed undertaking will give direct business chances to 19 individuals. The way toward developing Rhodes grass in Pakistan.

Preparing Bed

Perfect seedbed is created in perfect soil and under the right conditions and using irrigation systems.

Seed Sowing

From February to October, seeds are sown. Seeds are planted using the latest techniques; for the best germination, eight kilograms of seed stream is required for each land section.

Requirements per land section

During the sowing season around 1.5 bags of polyethylene are used and 1 bag of DAP is used. Whereas, after each harvest, one to two bags of polyethylene is used.

Cutting Harvest

Proper tools are used to cut the grass and pieces are collected for reproduction. Harvest can be taken for up to three years from the same plant. Each harvest is ready within 30 to 35 days.

Arrangement of Plates

After gathering the grass in large areas, the rakes are used to shape the dish. The mass is put under light divided into multiple zones.

Drying the Grass

After taking the harvest the grass is shifted to the drying process; the grass is dried under the sun until the desired moisture levels are obtained which is fifteen percent.

Use of composts per section of land

Put 1 pack of DAP, 1 to 1.5 sacks of polyethylene at the season of sowing, at that point 1 to 2 packs of polyethylene after each cut.

Bails Production

The Press machine is used to create bails of dried straw, the machine is used to create bails in the desired shape round or box-shaped.

In Pakistan the total cost required for the growth of this project fourteen million rupees are required. This Rhodes grass price in Pakistan is very cheap and economical for Rhodes grass buyers in Qatar, Rhodes grass buyers in Kuwait, Rhodes grass buyers in Bahrain. Rhodes export from Pakistan to many different countries but mains are Rhodes grass buyers in middle east.